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What is a Smart Home?

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What is a Smart Home?

Make your home a smarter home and enjoy smarter living today.

A smart home is a home where everything works together to create a more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. A smart home brings together all of the technology in your home – Entertainment, Automation, Comfort, Lighting, Safety and Communications – to create a home that works for you.

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Unleash a world of entertainment!

  • Deliver stunning video throughout your home! Watch TV, easily access Netflix, STAN, Presto, Foxtel or even your own movie collection all from the touch of a button.
  • Enjoy 24-bit high-resolution audio throughout your home and access streaming services such as TIDAL, TuneIn Radio, Deezer and more.
  • Design a state-of-the-art home cinema or media room that will rival any professional cinema. Press the “Movie” button and watch the projector descend from the ceiling, your Blu-ray fire up, your lights dim, shades lower and surround sound activate!

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Smart, Comfortable and Convenient

  • Enjoy personalised HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Cooling) settings that can be scheduled, or recalled at the touch of a button.
  • Program your window shades to lower during the hottest hours of the day, or lower them in the winter months to absorb the sunshine, saving on air-conditioning and heating costs.
  • Automate your sprinklers and watering systems to respond to changing conditions and intuitively keep your gardens looking fresh.

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The central nervous system of all Smart Homes.

  • With the use of only Gigabit-compliant and enterprise-grade products, your home network will always perform reliably and at optimal speeds. No buffering of Netflix here!
  • Who’s that at the door? With an intelligent intercom talking to your smart home you can keep your family safe by always knowing who’s knocking at your door.
  • Or, enjoy the low cost of an integrated VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system, that can double as an intelligent intercom system.

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Let automated lighting respond to your lifestyle

  • Dim or raise the lighting throughout your home with the single touch of a button, or even your voice.
  • Program lights to automatically turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you leave – without the touch of a button. Now that’s smart and energy efficient!
  • Going away on holidays? No problem, automate the lights and other technologies in your home to create realistic scenes while you are soaking up the sun.

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Protect your home with smart and practical safety solutions

  • With the touch of a button activate your alarm and trigger any associated scenes to turn on lights, lower shades and more. And, all your pressed was the “Away” button.
  • Receive intelligent notifications directly to your smart phone alerting you to people entering and leaving your home, Billy has just returned from school, the cleaner has just left the house.
  • Received a triggered alarm notification on your home? No problems, remotely access your CCTV cameras to view if someone has entered your home or see if it’s a false alarm.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “We recently bought a new place and were interested in investigating what options were available to automate functions in the home such as lighting, security, audio, TVs, etc. We approached Entertaining Environments on referral for an initial consultation in their purpose built showroom in Altona North to discuss what the possibilities were based on the fact that the house was not a new-build and currently had no home automation in place”.

    “Entertaining Environments helped us by taking the time to discuss, design and explain the differences in technologies and products required to ensure the project met our expectations. This scope ended up including security, smart lighting, access control, networking, multi-room audio and Smart TVs bringing us a full home automation solution”.

    “Our timelines were tight we had only a matter of 3 weeks from settlement to get the project completed this saw the team trying to operate around painters, floor board refurbishment all of which was done with the utmost professionalism”.

    “We have in place in our home today automation that is easy to use, intuitive and non-complex that we use daily. Multi-room audio is always playing in our house and has proved to be a big party hit for those summer BBQ’s in the backyard & pool which is also installed with smart lighting”.

    “Security is important to our family, and Entertaining Environments installed a state of the art security system including cameras that we can access 24×7 from our mobile devices and notifications are sent directly to our phones upon anyone entering the property, this is especially helpful for children arriving home safely from school or allowing access to trades such as pool cleaners, gardener, etc”.

    “Overall we could not recommend Entertaining Environments more highly; we are ecstatic with our smart home technology investment the team are professional, knowledgeable and always willing to help”.

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    Claire and John

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