Talk to your Home with Intuitive Voice Control

Simplify your lifestyle and be the envy of your neighbours taking control of your home with intuitive voice control. Voice control or voice command integration is quickly becoming an affordable reality for home automation systems and let’s face it, we could all use a helping hand around the home. Today you don’t need to be The Jetsons to enjoy a voice controlled home automation system. As authorised Control4 dealers and experienced custom integrators Entertaining Environments can introduce voice control and automation into your home.

From the first consultation, we will determine what functionality is important to you. We will then customise a solution to meet your wants and needs. A smart home solution from Entertaining Environments may not only include voice control, but also other control interfaces. From the ever popular wand-style remote to iPads, iPhones and touch panels, each device shares a common, intuitive and easy-to-use interface. From voice control to graphic control, the choice is at your lips and your fingertips!

Control4 User Interface Various Devices

What really makes a smart home solution sing is the ability to automate tasks and create scenes. Scenes consist of a group of tasks strategically placed together in a particular order to achieve an outcome. For example, you could tell your home automation system to perform tasks without pressing a button.

Imagine this…

Your arms are full of groceries and you are walking through the door into a dark house. Normally, you would probably try and scrape a switch with your hand whilst you fumble with your groceries.

Enter voice control.

“Alexa, turn on Welcome” – Your automation system lights up the hallway and kitchen, powers up the TV to your favourite channel and locks the front door. Easy!

How about…

You are lying in bed and just remembered that you may have left a TV or light on downstairs. Do you get out of bed, or use voice control?

“Alexa, turn on Bedtime” – All the lights throughout the house turn off, perhaps some to predetermined levels, shining a path to the bathroom at night for the kids or deterring shy intruders outside. Your TV’s turn off, your doors lock, the garage roller confirmed as closed and your alarm system activated. Yes, please!

Voice Control - Amazon Echo

Voice control is a super exciting addition to the already intuitive smart home systems. This week our very own voice control will be arriving and immediately integrated into our showroom control system. If you are interested in voice control and voice command home automation integration please give us a call on 03 8080 1230 and make an appointment to visit our Experience Centre. Our Experience Centre is a fully interactive showroom featuring the latest technologies located in the Docklands precinct of Port Melbourne.