Home Cinema

Cinema With Style!

The initial thought process leading into the design of our contemporary home theatre was to create a room that was multi-function, affordable and aesthetically pleasing; to achieve this we had to first manipulate the space we had. A wall was removed that was situated in the middle of the room and a doorway sealed, with these two structural changes we had developed an area suitable for our theatre.

Design work was then taken up by our Integration Manager Richard Pece and Founder Rob Sanders, working together they formulated the blueprint for achieving our desired result.

The great thing about this space is the invisibility of equipment, the only products clearly visible to the eye are the projector, film screen and remote control. All other componentry resides either within the custom cabinetry, behind the acoustically transparent film screen, or in the main equipment area. By hiding the products the audience can fully embrace and experience the space without focusing too much on equipment.

This standard of workmanship and design is present in all of our projects no matter the size or scope.