High-Resolution Multi-Room Audio Made Easy.

In our previous blog post, we discussed how Bluesound, BluOS, TIDAL and MQA could easily deliver a high-resolution audio streaming solution. In today’s post, we are going to explore how we can unleash 24-bit high-resolution multi-room audio throughout your home.

BluOS, Bluesound and NAD.

BluOS is a “music only” operating system which allows intuitive control of music playback for both NAD and Bluesound products. Accessing BluOS is easy, with the BluOS app available for download via the GooglePlay and Apple App stores. Utilising the power of BluOS, NAD and Bluesound products can form a powerful ecosystem built for delivering playback of 24-bit high-resolution music throughout your home. With no reliance on 3rd party software or applications, BluOS provides an intuitive interface for playback of numerous popular music streaming services such as TIDAL, Deezer, and TuneIn Radio, network attached content as well as 3rd party devices such as a Foxtel box or TelstraTV.

Now here in lies the real power and customisation of using NAD and Bluesound for delivering a high-resolution multi-room audio solution. Because NAD and Bluesound products use the same BluOS operating system, you can mix and match components to form a system that suits YOUR LIFESTYLE!

Utilising NAD’s newly released CI-580 BluOS Network Music Player will give four simultaneous 24-bit high-resolution audio streams. That means four different songs or radio stations can be listened to at the same time in different zones.

The Beauty of a Scalable Multi-Room Audio System

Need more streams? No problems, just add another CI-580 or add wireless Bluesound speakers to the system. Maybe a PULSE Soundbar for the living, a PULSE FLEX for the ensuite or a PULSE2 for the kitchen. Whatever configuration you choose all of the NAD, and Bluesound components can be controlled via BluOS as they exist as part of the same ecosystem. Therefore, you can easily group zones to play the same music when you have a party, or easily send music from room to room.

We also carry an extensive range of high-quality loudspeakers to suit every and all decors. We know everyone’s taste differs, so we listen to our customers and specify the appropriate speaker to suit their lifestyle. As part of our range, we carry architectural in-ceiling, in-wall and invisible loudspeakers, as well as the bookshelf and floor standing varieties. We have a loudspeaker to suit all homes, contemporary and traditional.


What if I also want Home Automation Integration?

Now, this is a fantastic solution if you are just interested in multi-room audio, but what if you want more? Of course, EE can provide a totally integrated solution encompassing all aspects of entertainment, your lighting, safety and comfort. A complete and scalable Home Automation experience.

In our next blog, we will explore Control4 integration, our Home Automation control system of choice. Of course, if you want to know more now, please contact us at your convenience. We’ll happily answer your questions and take you for a demo through our showroom in Altona North.