Enjoy High-Resolution Music with MQA and Bluesound

With the introduction of Bluesound’s newly updated BluOS operating system, it has never been easier to enjoy high-resolution 24bit-192kHz music throughout your home.

MQA on the BluOS App

Before we get into MQA, let’s talk a little about the different digital music formats currently available as well as the difference between low-resolution and high-resolution music files. There are many digital music file formats currently available for not only streaming but also purchase. These include, but are not limited to – MP3, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WAV and MQA, so what’s the difference you ask? File formats such as MP3 and AAC are what we refer to as lossy formats which are compressed to small file sizes but at the expense of sound quality. A lossless format, on the other hand, can be compressed without any reduction in sound quality but the file size is much larger. In the past, the streaming and downloading of lossless files have required greater data allowances and bandwidth, enter MQA.

Bluos MQA Screen Display

MQA is the new kid on the block when it comes to digital music formats, and it has a lot to offer. The beauty of the MQA format as stated directly from the MQA website is, MQA “delivers master quality audio in a file that’s small enough to stream or download.” So, if you are after a solution for playing high-resolution audio in your home Bluesound’s BluOS partnered with TIDAL Masters and MQA is a worthy mention. In partnership with MQA, TIDAL deliver master-quality audio recordings under their TIDAL MASTERS offering. To access TIDAL MASTERS, all you need is a TIDAL HIFI account. Once you have signed up and you have added TIDAL as a streaming service to the BluOS app (which is relatively quick and painless) you can begin to enjoy high-resolution audio from your Bluesound products. And, as an added convenience, playback is all via the BluOS app meaning no PC or laptop is necessary.

Bluesound has you covered!

Bluesound offer a variety of product to get you started. Bluesound’s range includes three wireless speakers the PULSE FLEX, PULSE MINI and PULSE2, a preamplifier the NODE2, a powered amplifier the POWERNODE2, a soundbar and subwoofer, and for those with a vast CD collection the VAULT2. To audition the Bluesound range, call us today on 03 8080 1230 to book your appointment at our Experience Centre in Port Melbourne. Or, talk with us to learn how we can introduce high-resolution music into your home.

Bluesound Gen 2 Products


In our next blog, we will be discussing how Bluesound, BluOS, NAD and Control4 can be deployed to create a truly compelling high-resolution multi-room audio solution.

Stay tuned.