Meridian Audio DSP5200SE Loudspeakers Arrive at Entertaining Environments

Recently, we welcomed a pair of Meridian Audio DSP5200SE digital active loudspeakers into our Experience Centre in Port Melbourne. We were immediately impressed with the sophisticated contemporary styling and stunning looks of the DSP5200SE’s. These speakers are the perfect companion for anybody looking for a minimalistic music system, with styling that suits heritage as well as contemporary homes.

Meridian Audio – Minimal Components, Maximum Sound!

The DSP5200SE’s feature a myriad of innovative technology including dedicated high-performance amplifiers for each channel, sophisticated DSP (Digital Signal Processing) crossovers and multiple cutting-edge DAC’s. This state-of-the-art combination creates a perfect synergy delivering a powerful and enjoyable musical experience. What also makes Meridian Audio such an enticing proposition is the minimal amount of components required to create a working system. As a bare bones system, all you require is power and a network cable to link the speakers. The Meridian Media Core can store your music collection and an internet connection will allow you to stream content. And, control is simple via the free Meridian Sooloos app. THAT’S IT!

Meridian Sooloos Mobile App

Meridian Audio Sooloos Mobile App

 High-Resolution and MQA Streaming

High-resolution streaming is becoming increasingly important as people search for a more immersive and detailed audio experience. Meridian Audio, and especially their DSP-SE series of speakers, ship MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) ready. And, accessing MQA material couldn’t be easier with TIDAL’s introduction of TIDAL MASTERS, a joint initiative between TIDAL and MQA to deliver high-resolution audio to avid consumers, just as the artist’s intended.

What makes MQA so special?

According to MQA, “MP3 brings you just 10% of what was recorded in the studio. Everything else is lost to fit the music into a conveniently small file. MQA brings you the missing 90% – the full, rich experience – without any loss of convenience. It’s truly a revolution in audio”. 

So, if you are looking for a versatile, high-performance lifestyle music system with contemporary styling, then Meridian Audio may be just for you. Visit our Experience Centre conveniently located in the Docklands precinct of Port Melbourne for your exclusive demonstration. Appointments are essential. To book a time call 03 8080 1230 and speak with one of our friendly team members.