LuisWaSSmann VIP Dolby ATMOS cinema to feature at The International HiFi Show

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting a fully immersive 7.2.4 Dolby ATMOS cinema valued at $100,000 RRP, at The International HiFi Show, Melbourne. The cinema will feature LuisWaSSmann VIP speakers and electronics. LuisWaSSmann cinema products can be found throughout Europe’s most prestigious cinemas, and this will be the first time these highly regarded products will be on show in Australia. The Dolby ATMOS cinema will consist of thirteen speakers in total: three screen speakers plus four surrounds based upon Line Array Technology, and four Dolby ATMOS coaxial style speakers with two 18” subwoofers providing earth-pounding bass.

Partnering the LuisWaSSmann VIP cinema speakers will be the Barco Orion anamorphic projector. This compact, yet powerful projector offers an unrivalled image quality with native Cinemascope resolution. The projector’s auto cropping feature also allows for easy system integration. A 140” Cinemascope acoustically transparent film screen will be deployed alongside the Barco projector to create a true cinema-style experience. The special nature of the acoustically transparent fabric allows the speakers to be placed directly behind the screen, leaving the sound unhindered.

Powering the cinema will be four LuisWaSSmann amplifiers with power exceeding 15,000 watts. These state-of-the-art amplifiers are based upon an upside down mono-block design which provides an all-in-one power module containing the entire amplifier assembly. This creative approach allows for powerful, simplistic and efficient operation. Signal processing for the system will be provided by the AudioControl Maestro M9. This premium home theatre processor supports today’s high resolution formats including 4K UltraHD and is Dolby ATMOS ready.

Control of our Dolby ATMOS cinema will be supplied by Control4. Control4’s ease of use and intuitive nature makes it the perfect companion for all entertainment and automation applications.

Tony Mammone of Entertaining Environments adds “Our goal for this cinema is to deliver a truly exhilarating and breath-taking audio and visual experience. We wish to educate people in what can be achieved with the proper expertise and product mix. We want people walking away thinking, I have just witnessed something amazing”.

For your ticket to the ultimate home entertainment experience and to hear this BIG 7.2.4 Dolby ATMOS cinema please visit us at The International HiFi Show, Melbourne, July 1st – 3rd in the State Ballroom.

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